4 Common OSHA injuries and How to Avoid Them

4 Common OSHA injuries and How to Avoid Them

Feb 16, 2019

The Occupational Safety and Health administration, or OSHA, helps ensure the safety of your workforce and prevent mistakes by providing national guidelines for safety. OSHA injuries are often caused by violated OSHA standards. Let’s go over 4 of the top 10 OSHA injuries and violations so you know exactly what to look for to avoid problems in the workplace.

Protective and Lifesaving Equipment

Lifesaving equipment is meant to do exactly what it is named for – prevent accidents and protect the life of you and others around you in the workplace. Staff members must wear the appropriate equipment when they are working to avoid injuries. Make sure all equipment fits properly and allows individuals to move properly.

Eye and Face Protection

Wearing the necessary PPE, or personal protective equipment, has become known in the OSHA world as one of the newest dangers to individuals. Protective face and eye equipment keeps flying particles, gases, chemicals, radiation, and other dangerous materials from causing injury.

Fall Protection

Equipment that protects from falls makes working at elevated heights much safer. Training is required for all employers, as well as employees, so that everyone know the proper equipment and methods for working at heights safely. A certificate will be kept on file to verify the individual has completed the training and can identify fall hazards and safety risks.

Respiratory Protection

Common citations for respiratory protection happen when individuals working for a company are not evaluated by a medical professional when wearing respirators, are exposed to a large dose of contaminants, or when respiratory protection is not properly fitted. Altus Emergency Center in Lake Jackson provides medical evaluations and fit testing that are invaluable to keeping everyone in the workplace productive and safe.

All employees and employers should hold the proper certifications and qualifications to perform their duties if they work with hazardous materials or in potentially hazardous conditions. This avoids injury and can save your workplace from frequent injuries. OSHA’s guidelines are meant to make the work environment safer and provide national institutions with the proper requirements so that everyone can perform work tasks and adhere to proper safety protocols.

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