Critical Facts about Chest-Scans for Covid-19

Critical Facts about Chest-Scans for Covid-19

Aug 05, 2021

Covid-19 is a respiratory disorder caused by the corona virus. Some people get infected but do not exhibit any symptoms. Other people get mild symptoms that get better on their own. However, these symptoms can become life-threatening in others.

Statistically, 1 in 6 people has severe issues after an infection, which may include difficulty breathing and other respiratory problems. The odds of having severe corona virus symptoms day by day increase with older age. Experts advise that you get to an emergency room near you if the symptoms quickly aggravate at home.

Stages of Transmission for Corona virus

With the progressive evolution of covid-19, we continue to learn new things about the virus. Here is a summary of reports about the transmission of the virus, including the symptomatic, pre-asymptomatic, and asymptomatic individuals affected by the virus.

Symptomatic Transmission

An asymptomatic covid-19 case is someone who has developed clear signs and symptoms of corona virus.
Data from epidemiology and virologic surveys have evidence that the disease is transmitted through symptomatic people who are close to others via respiratory droplets. Mostly, they come into contact with these droplets from contaminated surfaces and objects.

The imminence of the virus is highest within the first three days of exhibiting symptoms. Mostly, droplets are shed from the upper respiratory tract in the early course of the disease.

Pre-asymptomatic Stage

Corona virus has an incubation period of 5-6 days. This is the period between the day of infection and the onset of the symptoms. Sometimes, this can go up to 14 days. During this stage, also called the pre-asymptomatic stage, infected patients can be contagious. Transmission can therefore occur between this period.

Research data shows that some people can test positive for covid-19 1-3 days before symptoms start. Therefore, you should visit the ER in Lake Jackson if you suspect the slightest presence of the virus to prevent its spread.

Asymptomatic Transmission

An asymptomatic covid-19 case is someone infected with the virus but does not exhibit any symptoms. Asymptomatic transmission is, therefore, the transmission of the virus from someone who doesn’t have symptoms.

There are only laboratory-confirmed cases for this type of transmission. Up to date, we do not have one documentation of a real-life asymptomatic transmission.

CT-Scan Definition

Computer Tomography (CT) scan blends x-ray facilities and computer imaging to evaluate the condition of bones, blood vessels, and body tissues. You can get a CT scan on any body part since it’s non-invasive and painless, plus it delivers detailed images.

During a diagnostic CT scan procedure, patients lie down on a hospital table. The CT scan machine then directs a thin X-ray beam to the required part and takes images from separate angles. A computer then processes images to reveal cross-sectional pictures that project a ‘slice’ of your body’s insides.

Why a CT Scan?

There are several reasons why you should visit an ER for a CT scan as prescribed by doctors, such as:

  • To diagnose fractures, infections, and body disorders
  • To precisely identify where tumors and malignant masses are located
  • Evaluating abnormality in the blood vessels and other body structures.
  • Locating an internal bleeding or injury site
  • CT scans aid during surgeries, especially in autopsies.

CT Scan for Covid-19

Do not panic if your doctor recommends a lung CT scan for covid. First, ask your doctor if you can eat or drink anything or take any medications before the scan.

You should also take all precautionary measures a Covid-19 patient required. For example, be sure to use a PPE suit if you are going with an uninfected family member for your appointment. You should also use plenty of hand sanitizer and maintain suitable social distance.

In a chest imaging for diagnosing Covid-19, your doctor at Altus Emergency Center (Lake Jackson) checks for the Ground Glass Opacity (GCO). If it reveals irregular, bilateral, fringe,or subpleural markings, a GCO score is given depending on the severity of the markings. These findings help the doctor decide on a further treatment course.

Patients should visit an ER for a CT scan if the severe symptoms persist for more than 5 days after testing positive. In addition, an immediate lung CT scan for Covid is needed following low oxygen levels, low SpO2, or Happy Hypoxia. This helps doctors to determine the best course of treatment afterward.

People showing mild symptoms have to self-isolate and practice home-based quarantine until symptoms diminish and they test negative.

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