Five Do’s and Don'ts When You Have a Heart Rhythm Problem

Five Do’s and Don'ts When You Have a Heart Rhythm Problem

Jul 16, 2019

Having an abnormal heart rhythm can prompt a lot of people who’ve been diagnosed with the condition to search for an ER near me in Lake Jackson just to have the information readily available in the event the condition progresses to more serious health problems. And while it’s always good to have information such as this readily available, Altus Emergency Center wants to provide you with five tips to keep your arrhythmia in check.

Do Monitor Your Level of Caffeine Intake

It’s a known fact that caffeine speeds heart rates, so if you already know you want to avoid having to visit an emergency room near 77566, it just makes common sense to limit your intake of this stimulant.

Don’t Drink Alcohol to an Excess

As with caffeine, patients who are aware of their arrhythmia should either limit their intake of alcohol or eliminate it completely from their lifestyle. If your physician has suggested that you eliminate alcohol, it’s strongly suggested that you heed the recommendation since recent studies have shown that even moderate drinking can raise a patient’s risk for atrial fibrillation – a condition that definitely warrants a trip to Lake Jackson emergency room.

Do Stay Active to Control Your Weight

Staying active can have a double benefit for anyone suffering from a heart rhythm problem. Although achieving a high heart rate shouldn’t be your goal, activities such as weight lifting, water aerobics, or yoga can help you control your weight and also stay active.

Do Get the Amount of Sleep Your Body Requires

Medical researchers and professionals across the country, including those from an emergency room 77566 have found that the right amount – and the right quality – of your sleep can help control heart rhythm problems. And if you have sleep apnea in conjunction with your arrhythmia, your need for quality sleep is even more critical.

Don’t Ignore the Condition

One of the most common reasons that people seek treatment for arrhythmia is that it’s uncomfortable to live with. Because no one should have to be uncomfortable — especially when treatment is readily available 24/7 — we hope you’ll take action today to not ignore your heart rhythm problem in Lake Jackson.

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