How to Deal with a Bone Fracture 101

How to Deal with a Bone Fracture 101

Aug 16, 2019

Altus Emergency Center in Lake Jackson has dealt with broken bones of all kinds. Our emergency room for 77566 patients can help with fractures by providing a diagnosis and orthopedic treatment.

Signs of a Bone Fracture

When a bone is broken, one of the first things a patient experiences is pain. The bone’s lining is filled with nerve endings that become painful when they are inflamed. You will likely not be able to move the broken bone, as this will cause intense pain. Bones can bleed when they’re injured, which causes the area to swell when blood seeps into the tissues surrounding the area. This will generally cause discoloration, leading to dark bruises near the fracture.

If none of the tendons or muscles in the area with the broken bone have been damaged, individuals may be able to move their limbs. However, this does not mean that the bone is not broken – it simply indicates that there is no damage to soft tissues.

Visit an ER Near Me If…

Getting immediate help is important in several instances, such as:

  • The individual is not responsive or is not moving
  • The area is bleeding heavily
  • Movement or slight pressure causes pain
  • The joints or limbs look deformed
  • Bone has pierced through the skin
  • Fingertips, toes, or other areas of the body are numb or blue at the tips
  • An injury is in the head, neck, or back

If any of these occur, it is important to visit an emergency room in Lake Jackson as soon as possible.

What to Do if a Bone is Broken?

The first thing you should do is try to manage the bleeding that may occur. Apply pressure using a sterile cloth or bandage – even a piece of clothing would work. The area should be immobilized so that further damage is not done and pain experienced is reduced. Call for help from a 24-hour emergency clinic near me and do not try to align the bone. If you have been trained, you can apply a splint until you reach a medical professional at a 24 hr emergency room near you.

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