Is BAM Treatment Effective for Treating COVID-19?

Is BAM Treatment Effective for Treating COVID-19?

Jul 13, 2021

The world has been brought to its knees by the global pandemic called COVID-19. With many deaths and high infection rates to account for, people have been nervous about finding a permanent solution to the virus. As vaccines continue to be explored as solutions against this virus, one wonders what else they can do to keep themselves alive during this period.

BAM treatment for COVID is one of the ways that medical experts have explored as a treatment that can help in the fight against Coronavirus. Therefore, if you have been seeking COVID-19 treatment in Lake Jackson, you may need to explore BAM treatment more, to find out whether it is an effective remedy for treating you.

What Is BAM Treatment?

It is an acronym used to refer to Bamlanivimab. It is a monoclonal antibody therapy featuring neutralizing antibody drugs that can be used for treating COVID-19 symptoms. Ideally, BAM contains man-made antibodies that are similar to those identified in recovering patients of COVID-19 that are administered through a drug injected directly into your veins. When used in the body, the goal is to reduce the amount of virus thereof by providing sufficient antibodies that can act as combatants of the virus in your system.

The BAM treatment is still being studied to show its effectiveness as a COVID-19 antibody treatment, which is why it has not yet been approved as a treatment for COVID. However, the drug is already FDA-authorized as an emergency protocol for patients within the first 10 days of their symptoms. So far, in COVID-19 emergency care, doctors use BAM treatment for mild-to-moderate cases among both children and adults.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Ideally, BAM treatment works along with the immune system of your body. When there is an infection in your body, in this case, a virus, the body releases antibodies to help fight the virus. However, the process of making these antibodies takes time. This is especially true for new viruses like COVID-19. The longer it takes your body to create sufficient antibodies to fight the infection, the more compromised your system becomes.

BAM treatment entails antibodies that have completely free from the COVID virus. These antibodies are introduced in your body to boost the natural ones made by your body. They all gang up to fight the virus thereof. This is why many patients with severe symptoms, more so within the first 10 days, realize incredible results after the BAM treatment. The symptoms significantly reduce, and patients have a lesser likelihood of being admitted to the hospital for intensive care.

Do You Qualify for BAM Treatment

The BAM treatment has proven very effective for many patients, especially those above 65 years and those suffering from underlying chronic health problems. Still, although doctors in Lake Jackson emergency rooms would like to use this treatment on all patients, it may not be fit for you. Some of the factors that can disqualify you from the treatment are:

  1. If you are not at a high risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms – the treatment is best suited for patients with a high risk of progression, so that they would need to be hospitalized after testing positive for the virus. Some of the factors that can make you a high-risk patient include:
  • Aging
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Kidney problems
  • Lung disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes

If you have already received a COVID-19 vaccine

If you are younger than 12 years

If you have been hospitalized before because of COVID-19

If you have had the infection for more than two weeks – the treatment is most effective for patients within the first 10 days after the infection.

Is the Treatment Effective?

The primary goal of BAM treatment is to improve your body’s ability to fight against the virus thereof. The primary indicator of success, therefore, should be reduced COVID-19 symptoms. Many patients that get this treatment can leave the hospitals. Not being hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19 is a great indicator that you have a fighting chance and can fully recover from the disease. By avoiding severe symptoms and ensuring you recover quicker, BAM treatment is proving to be an effective remedy in combating COVID-19.

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