Low Back Pain May Be A Signal of Low Bone Density

Low Back Pain May Be A Signal of Low Bone Density

Jun 16, 2019

If you’re experiencing lower back pain and wonder of you need to seek treatment from a Lake Jackson emergency room, the first thing we want to let you know is that you’re not alone! Research has shown that apart from the common cold, lower back pain is the number one complaint of patients nationwide. And although many people assume lower back pain is the result of joint, ligament and muscle problems, the pain can also be your body’s way of telling you that you may be suffering from low bone density.

Osteoporosis is Not a Female-Only Condition

Although it’s common to associate low bone density with women – due in part to the prevalence of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women – the condition is not selective by gender. In fact, men between the ages of 35 and 45 are prone to the condition. Why is this a concern? Because many men are more involved in physical activities than women, and having low bone density places them at greater risk of needing an emergency room in Lake Jackson that can diagnose and treat low back pain in patients of all ages and genders.

Being Pro-Active About Your Bone Density Levels

Indeed, all anyone has to do is watch television advertising to see marketing that’s targeted toward women and increasing their bone density levels. But what about men? If you want to be pro-active to prevent a trip to an ER near me, medical professionals recommend the same two therapies for men that they do women: exercise and Vitamin D. Exercise is a great option to increase flexibility and muscle strength while also improving bone density. And having a Vitamin D deficiency is relatively common in individuals afflicted by low bone density.

Prevent Life-Long Aches and Pains by Taking Action Today

If you’re in pain and concerned about your bone density levels, the good news is that testing is easily available. Also, if you believe you’ve suffered a fractured bone due to this same condition, your first plan of action should be to seek urgent care in Lake Jackson to prevent the possibility of life-long pain. Since x-rays and other diagnostic testing will need to be performed, make sure you go to a facility that has an in-house radiology department and advanced imaging services such as Altus Emergency Care.

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