Most Common Health Illnesses That Can Ruin Your Kids Summer

Most Common Health Illnesses That Can Ruin Your Kids Summer

Jul 01, 2022

Summer is an exciting time for children but tiring for everyone else as children are home on vacation and spend time playing all day and demanding snacks at odd hours. Unfortunately, it is also the time when kids are at high risk of falling ill. They might have stubborn ailments that might spoil their summer if you are not careful.

Parents are advised to understand the risks and take preventive measures besides remaining prepared to seek treatment to stay a step ahead of whatever troubles their kids. This article mentions some of the most common health illnesses that can ruin your kid’s summer. Kindly continue reading to learn more about them and prepare for emergencies if required

Most Common Summer Health Ailments

Sunstroke and Dehydration

The hours disappear faster during the summer holidays when your kids are happy playing in the sun. However, the continuous exposure causes the body temperature to rise and the water content in the body to fall. As a result, your child may confront nausea, disorientation, and fainting, making you consider rushing to the pediatric emergency room for advice.

While keeping your kid indoors is challenging, you must try to keep them in when the sun is at its hottest. Keep the kids hydrated with plenty of water or other summer coolers available.


Viruses are active during summer, similar to bacteria. The chances of developing the pinkeye through dirty hands cause the virus to reach your child’s eyes. Conjunctivitis results in itching and eye inflammation, forcing your kid to remain irritable and needing help from the freestanding ER to manage the infection. However, if you can get your kid to hand wash and ask them to avoid touching their face or eyes, you can help them enjoy their summer.

Swimmers Ear

The long hours in the swimming pool are fun for children but can also leave them with an ear canal infection. Water remaining in your child’s ear triggers bacterial growth leading to itching and severe pain. You can get your kids to wear earplugs when in the water. Unfortunately, if they develop an infection, antiseptic eardrops are available over-the-counter to manage the situation.

Diarrhea and Food Poisoning

Children favor consuming the highest amounts of street and junk food when bacterial growth is highest during the summer. As a result, they suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever when microbes enter their digestive tract. In such cases delaying treatment doesn’t help. Instead, if you visit the emergency room in Lake Jackson, the professionals at the facility can care for your child and provide advice on how to prevent such incidences.

Viral Cold and Cough

If you think cold and cough are exclusively for the winter, you must think again. Children don’t say no to ice cream and roadside snacks during summer. Unfortunately, the air is also dry, and children’s resistance to infection-causing viruses is at an all-time low. Viral fevers are common during summer resulting in a runny nose, sore throat, headache, and cough. You can give your kid plenty of rest and fluids, but if the symptoms don’t subside, visit a walk-in clinic where a doctor can treat your child.


The intense heat, pollution, humidity, and high pollen levels can cause asthma attacks to rise. Your child might encounter other respiratory illnesses or infections. If your child is asthmatic, keep them indoors when the pollution and heat are the highest. Ensure that your home environment is clean and sanitized. If you don’t have their prescribed medications handy, consider visiting the 24-hour ER to get them besides inhalers for your child.

Prickly Heat

This is a summer ailment with the most appropriate name. Excessive sweating sometimes blocks the skin pores to cause raised bumps that feel prickly. However, you can comfortably manage the condition by using chemical-free talcum powder on their skin and dressing your child in loose-fitting clothing during the summer as far as possible.

Please do not assume summer is not a time for illnesses because it is. The heat, pollution, pollen levels, et cetera give rise to bacterial and viral infections that children can contact during their playful activities. Keeping your child indoors all day becomes practically impossible, leaving them at high risk of contracting diseases. Therefore prepare yourself for the most common health illnesses during summertime to prevent ruining your child’s summer.

If you need help with summer ailments, Altus Emergency Center Lake Jackson provides 24-hour services. Kindly do not hesitate to visit the facility with your child if needed.

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