Stomach Pain: What Does it Mean, and When is it Serious?

Stomach Pain: What Does it Mean, and When is it Serious?

Jul 01, 2019

While abdominal pain is nothing new in the realm of health concerns, the increasing number of digestive diseases may be. So, what’s the best way to navigate through what might be simple indigestion versus something requiring an emergency room in Lake Jackson? Keep reading to learn more about the nature of stomach pain, what can be done to treat it, and what an emergency room in Lake Jackson may do to diagnose the source of a patient’s abdominal pain.

When Your Abdominal Pain Comes on Quickly

The interesting thing about stomach pain is that when it comes on quickly, it is often a signal of an underlying condition such as appendicitis or pancreatitis – both of which require urgent care treatment. Rather than waiting to identify an ER near me such as Altus Emergency Care, why not put the contact information into your phone now? Abdominal pain treatment in Lake Jackson is most effective when it’s received immediately, so this helpful step today could save stress, pain, and concern down the road.

Leave the Diagnosis to the Professionals

Although it’s fairly common for individuals to use the internet to diagnose themselves, in the case of rapid onset stomach pain it’s suggested that they not spend important minutes doing that and instead seek urgent care from an ER in Lake Jackson where a board-certified physician can perform a diagnosis and treatment plan. When you leave the diagnosis to someone specially trained in gastroenterology, they will also be most up-to-date about new digestive diseases that have not yet gained a lot of web attention. The doctors and staff at an ER in Lake Jackson, TX will have the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to check for signs of inflammation, masses, areas of tenderness, and order the necessary lab work to take a deep dive into your condition.

Observation Units in Lake Jackson Can Be Beneficial Too

No one likes to make more than one trip to an emergency room for the same condition. There are certain instances when observing a patient over time will help the medical staff determine the most effective treatment protocol before discharge. Our Lake Jackson emergency room is home to observation units where patients may be admitted to stay for less than a day, thereby giving them an opportunity to receive care and continued examinations prior to their discharge.

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