When and Where to Seek Out Trauma Care

When and Where to Seek Out Trauma Care

Oct 01, 2019

Someone who has been in a traumatic accident or is experiencing severe injury has little time to figure out what to do and how to seek assistance. The best thing you can do to help yourself or someone who love when confronted with a medical emergency is to call 911 and seek the assistance of an emergency room or trauma center. However, many people don’t know which place they should be going to. After all, many of us were raised not to go to a doctor unless absolutely necessary, and then there is always the fear of being hit with a massive bill for wasting resources.

This article seeks to explain when it is necessary to seek out trauma care, and where you should go when experiencing a variety of injuries and illnesses. Remember to always find the closest care near you: Do not try to go across county lines or go out of your way to go to one hospital instead of another.

What Counts as Trauma?

Traumatic injuries are ones that are serious or life threatening. Just because someone is in pain does not mean they have a traumatic injury. A traumatic injury can be caused by a variety of factors, including damage from being struck, being stabbed, being shot, being in an auto accident, or experiencing a severe fall. Most illnesses do not count as trauma because they typically have a period of time where they can be treated before they become life threatening.

Emergency Room vs. Trauma Center

An emergency room is where individuals go when they need emergency assistance but are not in a life threatening situation. ERs are equipped with physicians, nurses, and other medical staff who can identify and diagnose injuries and illnesses rapidly. They then offer treatment and can help you become more comfortable and get on the path to wellness. If the ER is confronted with a patient who is in a life threatening situation, they will administer as much help as they can and might transfer the individual to a trauma center or ICU.

Some situations where you can go to an ER are:

  • When experiencing the symptoms of a stroke
  • When experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack
  • After breaking a bone
  • After briefly losing consciousness
  • After fainting
  • When suffering first or second degree burns
  • When experiencing severe diarrhea and vomiting
  • When having severe stomach pain, localized or general

Trauma Center

Almost no one goes to the trauma center of their own free will. The patients who are brought to the center are often at risk of dying, and therefore are experiencing injuries and ailments that are severe. Trauma centers are staffed with doctors, surgeons, nurses, and a variety of specialists skilled in administering speedy and often life-saving treatment. If you truly need to visit one of these centers yourself, you will most likely not be capable of making the decision.

However, sometimes you need to make the decision for a stranger or loved one who has been in an accident. You should call 911 and seek out a trauma center in the following situations:

  • After a traumatic car crash where the person is unconscious or unable to move
  • When experiencing internal bleeding
  • After a serious fall
  • After experiencing blunt trauma
  • When being shot
  • After being stabbed
  • When experiencing third degree burns

Any other accident where someone is incapable of moving on their own or has lost basic mental faculties like the ability to speak or reason should necessitate a trauma center.

Finding an ER Near You

At this point, you can see there is a major difference between the emergency room and trauma center. You should also be able to tell which one you need to visit based on the severity of your injuries or illness.

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