When to Seek Medical Attention for a Head Injury

When to Seek Medical Attention for a Head Injury

May 07, 2018

Head injuries can happen at any time. Whether it’s during a sports-related injury, an accident, or something unexpected, head injuries can come in different forms. Determining whether to get medical help after such an incident is not always so clear, because different people experience head injuries in different ways, some symptoms vary between individuals. One thing, however, is for certain: if you aren’t sure, it’s probably a good idea to seek out a medical professional immediately.

Signs of a Head Injury


This is one of the most obvious signs of a severe head injury. If someone loses consciousness after a head injury, there is always the chance that something more severe than a bruise will result. In most cases, if the injury causes unconsciousness, seek out a medical professional.

Intense Headaches

Although less severe injuries will cause pain at the site of impact, more serious head injuries sometimes cause painful headaches. This is another sign of a serious head injury. In most cases, if a headache is unusually painful or lasts for a long period of time, medical attention is necessary because it could be a sign of internal bleeding.

Vomiting or Nausea

If you are nauseous or even vomiting after a head injury, this could be a sign of a concussion. This indicates a potentially serious condition and requires medical attention.

Difficulty Maintaining Balance

If you find yourself having trouble staying balanced (also known as equilibrium), you may have a more serious condition. This is most common if the injury affects the rear of the brain, known as the cerebellum.

Mood Swings

Sudden changes in your mood after a head injury might indicate a more serious issue as well. This is because mood swings and irritability can sometimes be the result of problems with the brain, such as bleeding.

Confusion and Amnesia

If you find yourself disoriented or have problems remembering things, your head injury could be more severe than you realize. This could be the result of internal bleeding or damage to specific brain areas and requires immediate medical attention.

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