Why You Need Pediatric Emergency Care Services Near You

Why You Need Pediatric Emergency Care Services Near You

Mar 01, 2020

parents with small children aged between three and seven visits the ER at least 25 times.

Remember this; although visiting an emergency room near you is ideal, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against it. They recommend you visit an emergency center with a pediatric department. Children are not ‘small’ adults and should therefore not be treated as such, they need an environment equipped to deal with children. That’s where we, Altus Emergency Center in Lake Jackson come in. We have a fully equipped pediatric emergency department with qualified medical personnel.

Why do you need to be close to a hospital with a pediatric emergency room? Here are five reasons.

  1. Specialized Treatment 

Pediatric emergency rooms are equipped to handle all the emergency needs of infants and children. Furthermore, the services are geared to deal with children of all ages including those who need special care.

We have highly skilled and qualified pediatricians, nurses, and technicians trained to treat the different pediatric alignments. We understand that no treatment is ideal for all children, that’s why we strive to offer specific services based on your children’s need, regardless of how common the symptoms may be.

  1. Reduced Risk of Infection

A lot of people have a phobia for emergency rooms partly because of the risk of infections, and understandably so. Most poorly managed ER clinics near you are overcrowded and increase the chances of getting an infection. But, the good news is a well-maintained pediatric ER, you can get exceptional service.

Our pediatric emergency room is isolated from the main one thereby separating the children and reducing the risk of contracting infections from sick adult patients. Moreover, the pediatric ER is close to the lab for a quick diagnosis.

  1. No Waiting

Emergency centers treat patients according to the severity of the disease or injury. That means if you visit the ER with a moderate emergency, you may have to wait for hours before you can be attended to. That’s not the case with the pediatric ER as they attend to all children as soon as they arrive and there will be no waiting.

  1. Relaxed Environment 

One major benefit of visiting a pediatric ER instead of the general one is the environment. Our ER for kids is specifically designed for children to ease their discomfort. Not only do we have relaxing décor, but the environment is calm and soothing to keep the child relaxed throughout the treatment process.

Additionally, our medical staff will help both the children and families cope with the anxiety and fear of ER.

  1. Special Equipment 

The medical equipment including the stretchers and bed are designed for children using the same safety standards as cribs. Furthermore, the medication available is in doses ideal for children.

How to Prepare for Your ER Visit

Preparation for your pediatric ER visit is crucial.

  • Deciding on where to go whether the ER or urgent care is important. Both ER and urgent care are designed to handle emergencies but at different severity. You can visit urgent care if the emergency in mild, but if the symptom is life-threatening, then the ER is ideal. Nevertheless, we recommend you to visit a Pediatric ER clinic near you if you are unsure of what’s happening.
  • Gather all the necessary information regarding your child’s medical and drug history. Also, have a list of allergies, if any, and vaccines the child has been given.
  • Carry with you some relaxing materials and toys to keep the child relaxed. Don’t forget to have a blanket and toiletries in case you have to sleep in the hospital. You can’t be certain at what time you will leave the ER, so it is important to prepare for any surprises.

Pediatric emergencies can occur at any time, and it is important to have access to pediatric emergency care. At Altus Emergency Center in Lake Jackson, we offer pediatric emergency services to cater to all children including those with special needs.

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