Questions often arise about why patients should choose an Altus Emergency Center facility over a hospital ER. In fact, some people ask if there is any difference at all between freestanding ERs like us and hospital ERs and urgent care centers. In fact, there are some major differences. First, at our center, there are no wait lines. That’s the biggest difference. Second, we offer many more services than urgent care centers, as well as nearly all of the services offered by hospital ERs—usually with equal or lesser costs. Plus, we are way more convenient, because our center is open all day, every day.

What are Freestanding Emergency Rooms?

Freestanding emergency rooms are technically emergency rooms that are not attached to a hospital. They do, however, follow the rules of hospitals. This means that we offer the same level and standard of care as the emergency room at your local Lake Jackson hospital. Both federal and state laws dictate that we must maintain a level of care that is just as good as the best emergency room care. That means that our patients can be sure they are getting the best emergency treatment possible—without the wait.

Hospital Emergency Room vs. Freestanding ER

Wait Lines, Wait Lines, Wait Lines

Normal hospital-based emergency rooms rely on a process known as triage to determine which patients are seen first. This means that patients with the most severe injuries see doctors before those with less severe problems. However, because so many hospitals are inundated with patients and low on staff, this means that many patients wait longer for care—sometimes hours. Here at our Lake Jackson ER, we’ve gotten rid of the lines. When you enter our center with an emergency, we will see to it right away, no questions asked.

The most recent studies show that the average Texan waits 19 minutes in the ER before they see a doctor. 19 minutes! And the wait is even longer for the average Texan with a broken bone, who waits a whopping 46 minutes before receiving medication to treat pain.

This does not happen at our ER in Lake Jackson. As part of the Altus Health team, our team attends to patients as soon as they walk in the door, which means no wait lines for anyone. Our doctors will see you within minutes of your arrival, freeing up time for patient-physician interaction instead of waiting rooms. The same goes for our fully-equipped diagnostic lab, which is on-site and can deliver results quickly.

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