Head/Back Injuries in Lake Jackson, TX

At Altus Emergency Center in Lake Jackson, TX, we see head and back injuries near you daily. People get injured doing everyday activities like cleaning, carrying groceries, and playing sports or working out. While most back injuries are benign and are due to muscle spasms, there are more serious cases. The spinal cord is present in the midline of the back, and injuries to it can be significant.

Head injuries vary depending on the area affected and the type of trauma. Minor bruising affecting the face isn’t a big deal, but a concussion or potential intracranial hemorrhage needs more investigating. At Altus Emergency Center, we have a few first aid tips to help you during a head or back injury in Lake Jackson, TX.

First Aid for Head and Back Injuries

It’s important to recognize whether the person in front of you might have a spinal injury because certain precautions will need to be taken. If the persons’ level of consciousness seems disturbed or fluctuating, they might have a head injury or a spinal injury. Severe pain in the head, neck, or back is also a symptom of spinal injury. Spinal injury is most likely present if the person’s body is twisted or if they’re experiencing weakness and/or numbness.

The important thing to do if any of these signs are present is to avoid moving the person. You should call 911 while keeping them still. People wearing helmets should keep them on. Don’t try to move their neck to remove the helmet. If the patient is vomiting or choking, you should roll them on their side but do it with the help of someone else.

Treatment of Head and Back Injuries

There’s no single treatment option for patients with head and back injuries. We’ll need to run some tests and perform a clinical exam to assess the severity of the injury. Patients with muscle spasms or similar minor problems can go home. Spinal injuries and head injuries will need more care as they’re more serious and could have significant consequences for the patient.

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