Observation Program in Lake Jackson, TX

The observation program at Altus Emergency Center is a chance for patients to remain in observation units for extended care. Also known as clinical decision units, our Lake Jackson ER observation program in 77566 offers a chance for patients to receive care and continued examinations when monitoring before discharge is required. Specifically, this type of program is designed to iron out kinks concerning emergency room observation, such as dedicating beds for patients requiring extended care and having a staff committed solely to observation.

When might a patient be admitted to an observation unit?

Instances, where a patient might be admitted to the observation program at Lake Jackson ER, include excessive chest pain where the source is unidentifiable but could prove problematic in the form of a heart attack. Typically, when a patient is under observation, they might be attached to a cardiac monitoring device or receive regular blood draws to check on the progress of their condition.

Furthermore, patients might even be candidates for eight cardiac stress test. However, treatment is not normally administered in this circumstance unless the condition requires inpatient care.

Benefits of an Emergency Room Observation Program

Some ERs, our Lake Jackson emergency room included, are home to observation units where patients may be admitted to stay for less than a day. In most cases, insurance covers this extended care and, in some cases, insurance companies actually prefer the diagnosis that comes out of observation. For instance, observation programs can reveal chronic problems such as back pain and asthma. Not to mention, the time spent in an observation unit lets patients receive the best care possible without leaving them to their own devices.

Essentially, an observation program is a nice blend of clinical care, financial responsibility, and patient liability. The primary mission of the observation program at Lake Jackson ER is to improve the management of patients and make sure they receive care quickly.

Most patients placed in the observation program complain of chest pains and are typically not at risk for acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Moreover, patients are regularly placed in our observation room to make sure there’s no chance of myocardial infarction.

Some of the more common diagnoses approached by our observation program include but are not limited to, skin infections, UTIs, asthma, congestive heart failure, abdominal pains, and chest pains.

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