Pediatric Emergency Care in Lake Jackson, TX

Altus Emergency Center in Lake Jackson understands that a trip to the emergency room can be frightening for anyone — especially kids. However, we also feel that there is no reason to be afraid of the emergency room when it provides a comfortable and caring environment.

That’s why the pediatric services offered at our ER in Lake Jackson rely on a highly-qualified staff and dedicated emergency physicians specializing in pediatrics to provide the best environment possible for your children. Not to mention, our Lake Jackson ER facility also provides accommodations for children of all ages, including those with special needs as well.

Not only does our ER in Lake Jackson provide a safe and soothing environment for children, but we also strive to make things easier on parents as well. Alongside the state-of-the-art technologies and specialized equipment at our emergency center, we have protocols in place to ensure every child is at ease when under our care.

It’s important to remember that our pediatric emergency room is different from that used by adults. This separation reduces your child’s risk of contracting illnesses from adult patients who are also sick. At the same time, our pediatric unit is incredibly close to the on-site diagnostic lab in case further testing is needed.

In addition, our medical facilities come equipped with all of their necessary technology and medical supplies needed to give your child the best care possible in an emergency situation.

Specialized Care

At Altus Emergency Center in Lake Jackson, we make it our duty to employ the most skilled and qualified pediatric physicians, nurses, and technicians to treat your child’s ailment. Not only do these medical practitioners have decades of experience in the field, but they have also shared in extensive training to provide the best care for children.

Infectious Conditions

Anyone with kids knows that infections can crop up from time to time. Bearing this in mind, infections can range from those less serious to ones that could be life-threatening. However, the most common infections seen at our facility include things like the flu, strep throat, and the common cold.

Acute Traumatic Injuries

If you have children and have an addressed and acute traumatic injury yet — just wait. As we all know, kids are prone to accidents because of their level of activity and their underdeveloped motor abilities. That said, your child can suffer a traumatic injury for many reasons. For instance, our Lake Jackson ER often sees injuries resulting from accidents on a bicycle and mishaps at the playground. Not to mention, sports injuries, bone fractures, and concussions are also commonplace amongst youngsters admitted to our facility.

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